Value Added Services

Franklin Automation has the in-house capability to add value to our products by customizing them to meet your requirements. Our experienced staff of professionals, including qualified field engineers, system engineers, software specialists, CAD designers and assembly technicians can integrate our power and control components to deliver efficient and cost-effective solutions. Solutions that will keep you far ahead of your competition!

Listed below are just some examples of how we can add value to your business:
  • Perform ROIs usingCPR and we will uncover and document your savings opportunities and maximize your profit by comparing your existing processes to the solutions we can provide for you
  • Automation such as Conveyor Systems, Robots, Assembly Lines, PLC programming, Automation Integration
  • We accept blanket order which help with volume priced purchasing and saving you inventory space. We work with you to ensure you have product when you need it.
  • Energy Efficiency such as Metering, Energy Auditing, Servo-Variable, Energy-Saving, Three Phase Motors, AC Drives, AC Power Monitor, Process Efficiency,  Building Management System, Save Energy, Power Monitor,
  • Framing Assembly and Design such as Ergonomic Work Stations and Custom Structural Framing
  • Hydraulic Machinery Division such as Custom Hydraulic Power Units and Hydraulic Engineering Services
  • Machine Safeguarding such as OSHA, Cleanrooms, and Light curtains
  • Marine and Mobile such as Winches, Fishing Rigs, Steering Systems, and Repair
  • Service and Repair such as Hydraulic repair, Cylinder repair, Pump repair, system repair and valve repair
  • Sub Assemblies such as Pre-Shipment Assembly and Testing,System integration, kitting and custom packaging
  • Private labeled parts
  • Reverse engineered parts/equipment