Scanners and Cameras

The identification of bar codes, 2D-codes and RFID transponders is among our core competencies. Complemented by other identification systems, it is our broad product range of IDENT technologies that opens up maximum flexibility to our customers. Our products ensure absolute reliability and maximum system availability. Discover our world of IDENT products.

 Also, in our automated industrial landscape, the use of industrial image processing will increasingly become standard. Even today, modern systems allow camera systems to be used in many applications, thereby significantly increasing the reliability and availability of your plant systems. Take a look at our solutions.
Stationary Bar Code Readers
Select the right line and raster scanner from various sizes, designs and performance levels. Scanning rates of up to 1000 scans/s, the smallest installation dimensions, robust housings and integrated heating for use in deep-freeze areas meet the individual requirements of your application.

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Mobile Bar Code Readers
Mobile bar code readers can read all common bar codes at various positions in warehousing and logistics omnidirectionally. Depending on the area of application, models with wireless transmission or even combi devices, which can handle 2D-codes as well as RFID, can be chosen.

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Stationary 2D-code Readers
Our code readers capture 1D- and 2D-codes without fail; depending on the type, printed to directly marked, omnidirectional, static or in fast motion, inverse or mirrored codes. You also benefit from the reference code comparison. Whether small, robust, IP 67/69K, extremely fast or high-end functions, you’ll find the optimum solution with us.

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Mobile 2D-code Readers
In addition to 2D-codes, all mobile code readers from Leuze electronic also read bar codes and can, thus, be used very flexibly. Even with low contrast and on surfaces such as metal or plastic, the high-quality reading technology functions absolutely reliably. Available as interfaces are RS 232, PS2, USB and Bluetooth.

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Light Section Sensors
Light section sensors are well suited for applications in which objects have to be detected using their 3 dimensional form. They measure height profiles along a projected laser line. With these sensors, objects with high resolution can be detected quickly and reliably in 3D. The object is illuminated solely by the laser measurement beam integrated in the sensor.

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LSIS Smart Camera
High-performance smart camera for reliable and convenient quality control, code reading and measurement tasks. Test for presence, completeness, type, position and orientation. The device offers omnidirectional reading of the most important 1D-/2D-codes with reference code comparison. As an additional function, the device can also be used for compartment fine positioning in the X and Y direction.

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LCAM Industrial IP Camera
The industrial IP camera LCAM 408i offers insights into areas which are not accessible by plant operators. For example, possible collisions can be avoided and troubleshooting simplified in case of failure.
The robust camera delivers live streams at high image quality due to its gigabit Ethernet interface and is easily integrated into the machine or system controller via M12 connections.

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The areas of application for RFID are as broad as the requirements placed on transponders. Leuze electronic offers an extensive and high-quality product segment for all conceivable applications. It includes transponders for fault-free use on metal, high-temperature transponders, self-adhesive SmartLabels or chip cards.

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