Safety Switches

Everything for safety

Whether individual devices or optimally matched sets: in our extensive line of safety sensors, you will always find a suitable and efficient safety solution for point-of-operation, danger-zone and access guarding. All devices satisfy the applicable legal regulations and standards.

Safety Light Curtains
Reliable and interference-immune sensor safety technology ensures high system availability and productivity. Wherever man and machine work "hand in hand", our safety light curtains can be used vertically as hand and finger protection, as access guarding as well as horizontally as area protection. With respect to integration capability, availability and cost effectiveness, they meet the highest requirements.

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Multiple Light Beam Safety Devices
Multiple Light Beam Safety Devices with muting function ensure constant personnel protection (access guarding) with unobstructed material infeed, e.g., in conveyor systems. Options such as the integrated Laser Alignment Aid, an integrated muting indicator and the patented swivel mount for easy fastening and alignment round out the program.

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Single Light Beam Safety Devices
Due to their compact dimensions, single beam safety devices are able to make full use of their advantages in constrained spaces or where no flat planar areas exist. They can be very flexibly integrated in various installation heights as well as in existing machine designs and very reliably perform a wide range of point of operation and access guarding tasks here.

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Safety Laser Scanners
Danger zone guarding, access guarding or point of operation guarding: you can use safety laser scanners in all areas of personnel protection effectively and for a range of applications. With their freely definable and individual protective fields and their compact design, they enable a very flexible installation position as well as use in mobile applications.

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Protective Sensor Sets
If you would like to more easily and more quickly implement access guarding with reduced logistical work, protective sensor sets are an attractive solution. Components that are electronically and mechanically optimized to one another and which are equipped with connectors ensure fast start-up of the Plug & Play complete solutions.

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Safety Switches
For doors, flaps and covers that must be closed during the operation of machines, safety switches for position monitoring and for the protection of personnel and systems are required. In addition to standard designs for universal use, Safety Hinge Switches and Safety Position Switches are available as alternatives to hinge switches on flaps.

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Safety Locking Devices
Safety locking devices keep protective doors securely locked and thereby prevent the inadmissible access of people until the guarded machine no longer poses a danger. Not until there is no longer a danger to the machine or to the workers is access released by an electric signal. With their robust design, all Leuze electronic Safety Switches and Locking Devices are designed for rough industrial applications.

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Safety Command Devices
For stopping in emergencies, EN ISO 12100‑1 stipulates protective devices and supplementary measures such as E‑Stop buttons or emergency rope switches. Leuze electronic offers solutions that are optimized with respect to safety and ergonomics.

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Magnetically Coded Sensors
The magnetically coded safety system is predestined for use under critical environmental conditions, i.e. wherever stress due to dust and humidity is high. Easy start-up, compact housing and extremely low costs characterize this robust series.

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Safety Transponders
Safety transponders are well-suited for applications in which a very high level of safety and the highest protection against manipulation are necessary. Their high-strength plastic housings offer reliable protection against contamination and humidity in rough environmental conditions.

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Safety Relay
For the fast integration of individual safety sensors in the safety circuit of machines and systems, the compact and reliable safety relays offer the right solution. The models are tailor-made for specific applications or can be used universally. Devices with time delay, for rotational speed/standstill monitoring and contact extensions are also available. The screw or spring-cage terminals are changeable.

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Programmable Safety Controls
The programmable safety PLCs offer efficient solutions for integrating multiple safety sensors in machines and systems. The compact design saves space in the switch cabinet. On request, even industrial Ethernet interfaces are already integrated in the base module. In addition, the optional extension modules allow you to adapt the number of inputs and outputs flexibly to current and future requirements.

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AS-Interface Safety at Work
Compared to conventional point-to-point wiring, AS-Interface (AS-i) excels with its low installation, wiring and connection costs. The very simple retrofitability of the safety technology with larger AS-i systems can further greatly reduce installation costs.

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